A few mentions to those I feel deserve it...

Firstly a big thank you to all of my customers, past and present.

Thanks to all those who have provided me with egg boxes. You are all a great help. Whilst on the subject - no credit will be given to the nob jockey that reported the egg boxes on top of the fridge at work as a fire hazard. When was the last time you saw a refridgerator set on fire? Get a life...

Thanks to Rob Crone for his web technical assistance - always willing to give advice. Always appreciated.

Thanks to the Hoggarth's for donating some Bantams to us

Thanks to the Woodhouse family for donating some Hens and a Cockerel

A big thanks to Reidy & Tentpeg for the postcard from 'The Banana Bar'. Well appreciated... Good for morale...!

Thanks to Alan Doran (or at least one of his children) for giving me a really authentic rubber egg. I've fooled loads of people with it so far. putting it in egg boxes or throwing it at people!

Thanks to brian for bringing in egg boxes for me even though he doesn't buy my eggs - get your hand in your pocket old lad. may-be this year eh?