Introducing some of our birds:

Below is a short clip of Marc feeding three hens. On the left is beaker, she only has the bottom part of her beak, the top is missing! Don't know how or why! The two on the right are Maran Hybrids about 18 months old. Beaker is ancient and probably doesn't even lay eggs anymore but she's still around for her long service and novelty value!

(You will need Quicktime installed on your computer to view this video clip)



Welly - circa 2000 - 2006 RIP






The hut that Marc built



Buff Orpington chicks I hatched



I've always said the chicks love me:

Here is a picture of me holding Marcellus, the chicks were born in 2005 on my birthday (21st July) if you look close enough at my eyes you can tell that I have been celebrating my birthday.



Protectors of Bootle Hens:-


Our Jack Russell Dog. He goes down to the hens every single day of the year. He mooches around and squirts his piddle everywhere and leaves his scent all over the place. Making Mr. Fox think twice about tackling our flock. As fit as a fiddle and a terminal sufferer of 'little big dog' syndrome. He will tackle anything at all without thinking. Only last year I had to drag him off a Sheep Dog. Ronnie you old fool, get that thing of yours tied up before Winston scrags it.




Rather lazy in comparison to Winston but she has a pure killer instinct. Cats, Rats and to be honest, even Hens. She would kill anything smaller than her and expect me to rub her down and give her a massage afterwards for her efforts. The Queen of Jack Russell's without a doubt. As you may be able to tell from the picture below - she is on the right side of the fence!




She can run miles faster than you.



Bootle Hens double barrel, auto ejecting, over and under, high velocity lead projectile dispenser (aka Shot gun)