So who am I?

                                            2002:                                                                                                                     2014: (wearing well huh?!)

So you've clicked the link to find out more about me? Chances are you already know me, so you'll just be wanting to see what I have to say about myself?!?

Name: Gary Blakeney

Age: 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

Height: 5ft 7

Live: Bootle Seascale Eskdale Seascale Bootle

Colour: Blue

Number: 7

Girl: Sarah / Cheryl Cole Frankie out of The Saturdays (She's a girl)

TV: River Cottage, Rome (the series)

Films: Gladiator, Scarface, Lock Stock, Snatch etc

Drive: VW Golf V5  Land Rover Defender Skoda Octavia VRS Subaru Impreza WRX

Job: Electrician / Instrument Mechanic

Siblings: Brother Marc

Love: Sarah / Seafood

Hate: Tax / Traffic

Heroes: Keith Moon, John Bonham, Tupac, Gaius Julius Caesar

Any that are still alive?: No mainly dead I think

Place I'd like to go most: Rome (thanks babe)

What would you like to be most?: Still Alive

Best bit: Thinker / Caring

Worst bit: Thinker / Temper

Write a bit about yourself:

I have many interests and I like to think I have many friends. And they are all great in their own ways. I have a wife, who is great. She keeps me going and the kids keep me on my toes. Mainly by getting me up early! It makes the day longer I suppose. I like football, computers/internet, cars, motorbikes, fishing, shooting, fell walking, dogs to mention but a few things. At present I find time my biggest enemy. My wife and I both work full time and we have a young family with one not yet at school age. If you are in a similar situation then firstly, I feel sorry for you. Secondly - keep up the good work. Some of my proudest moments in life have been having children and getting married. Even though I constantly complain about it!


Every now and again I get people asking me questions, mainly about Chickens but also questions more relative to myself. I do respond to every person who contacts me ( blakes@bootlehens.co.uk ) but here is a generalisation of some of the questions:


Why chickens?

They are easy to keep and eggs are great food. But don't go in to it light heartedly. As with growing veg you soon realise what you are up against - pests, weather, commitment! Still, veg and hens are easier than wife and kids.

What phone you got?

I'm not a phone geek, I don't need the latest phone with the latest operating system and one that can go under water ( because I'm always needing to ring people or text folk when I'm underwater :S ) but in answer to the question I have an iPhone and I'm happy with it.

Favourite breed of hen? Choose just one

Nooooooo... I can't!