Why buy our eggs?


I'm sure you will all agree that they are the best available once you have tried them and they are available at the most competitive of rates. Morrison's are selling half a dozen battery eggs (which are total crap) for 98p. Asda sell ten eggs for 1.45. I don't know how they sleep at nights.

My hens are some of the happiest alive, they love living at Bootle in their caravan with plenty of room to scrat about. You will be pleased to hear that my prices are still rock bottom at a mere 1 per half dozen.

Our hens are FREE RANGE. They have loads of room to ratch around. They live in good conditions. Their diet is excellent with plenty of fresh water, lush green grass, corn and leafy greens. The yolks on our eggs are truly fantastic, real orange, not like the supermarket rubbish that have pale yellow yolks. We know what gives the egg such a fine yolk. And we are not telling anyone else so you may as well just buy our eggs for guaranteed quality.

Battery eggs which are sold by supermarkets are nothing short of disgusting. Disgusting quality and disgusting in the way that the hens are kept and the eggs are produced. I do not condone keeping battery hens nor do I condone buying them. Buying battery eggs is funding battery production. Buying battery eggs is just giving greedy supermarkets even more money and that is all they care about. I want your your money too but in exchange you will get fresh, free range, quality eggs of the highest calibre. Not only that, I DO care about the well being of my hens. Happy hens lay quality eggs. Quality eggs for your enjoyment. Quality eggs for my family and I.

If you can't buy my eggs then please, please make sure you buy free range eggs. We need to stamp these horrible batteries out. People need to stop being greedy and have some respect for other living beings. Apart from the scrounging bastards that are on the dole through choice. They should be kept in a cage and shaken until they lay an egg. Or get a job.


If you are thinking of keeping chickens then you could always re-home some ex-battery hens. See here:


http://www.bhwt.org.uk/ - British Hen Welfare Trust


For information on Battery Cages: